Catshark Consulting provides digital services to Seattle-area nonprofits and community organizations. We support your mission by improving access to technology and the advantages it provides.

In late May 2020 I was completely burnt out. After working over a decade in the software engineering industry I was at a truly wonderful company with amazing coworkers, but the world seemed to be falling apart around me. Every night the news stories were brimming with growing COVID-19 numbers and peaceful protests met with police violence. I felt like I wasn't helping enough, so I quit my cushy software engineering job with the intention of looking for a job in the nonprofit sector.

As I looked around I realized that many of the causes I supported didn't necessarily need a full-time software developer, much less could afford one at market rates. That didn't mean my skills weren't of use to them though, so I decided the best way to use my abilities to make a positive impact was to form Catshark Consulting. My aim is to provide digital expertise to the nonprofit community at affordable rates and to leverage technology to amplify their voice and mission.

-- R. Scott Reis Founder/Principal LinkedIn