What can Catshark do for you?

Remote work

2020 has presented unique challenges for many organizations not accustomed to remote collaboration. Transitioning to a remote-first culture takes more than only using Zoom for meetings. I have worked in a remote culture for many years. My previous employers have asked me to guide teams on remote-first work culture. I can guide your team as well.

Website updates

Creating a web site that looks good, loads fast, and allows for easy updates of content on your own can be a challenge. I have been building websites for over a decade and my underlying philosophy is “keep it simple”. If you need to create or overhaul your website and want it created by a professional then reach out to me.

Data analysis

Everyday collected data can be an untapped trove of new information. Data sources connected in new and unique ways leads to new insights and learnings. I have been spending most of my career linking and analyzing discrete data sets. A fresh pair of eyes on stale data may yield the results you have been looking for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Discoverability on search engines and listings is more complicated today than ever. Many organizations can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on SEO efforts. I do not claim to be a search engine marketer, but I did work in that space for years. There are many simple changes that you can make to raise your profile before you spend big on SEOs.

Custom software solutions

Many new pieces of software have a single competitor: a spreadsheet. Custom software does still have its place. Heavy computation or specialized requirements can call for special software. I have been a professional programmer for over a decade. Work with me and we can create software to solve your specific problem.

Creative problem solving

Some problems are hard to categorize or don’t have an obvious solution. There may be creative ways to leverage technology to reduce these pain points. I have spent my entire career using technology to solve these kinds of problems. Let's talk through your challenges and come up with creative solutions together.

Reach out via email, phone (201) 292-7492, or schedule time with me